My Art is an attempt to create a bridge between the dreams , the magic we believe possible in our minds and hearts, and the possibilities of reality. I hope every viewer can be encouraged to enter into a dialogue with their own dreams, the dreams they have lost sight of, that existed when they were kids, and maybe give them a little hope to get back this beautiful energy and use it in their life.

Interview with Kunst zu Recht Krems

KzRK: Dear Jeff, why do you engage yourself in making art?
JR: Maybe some people decide to do Art, but for me and other artists, i think, it is more like a calling that happens very early, the forms of expression we choose determin who we are. Some people write, speak, sing, use music or paint. In my case, i felt very early that i needed to invent some imaginary universes. To add something positive to the world, in a colourful and poetic way.

KzRK: Is there something you’re searching for, that you want to acheive?
JR: Art is very often a life long quest, even if the objective is not always exactly clear, let’s say that over the years i found out that creating a space where everyone could identify and find the magic in themselves through the help of my paintings, this was fantastic . I realized then that I was wrtiting a long story in images, that unfolds itself gently, we will see where the path leads 😉

KzRK: Do you wish to provoke/accomplish something with your art?
JR: I already explained a little that I would in the ideal like to help the viewers to see their own universe by using my works as a medium, leading to the better part of themselves, giving them comfort, support and courage, in a very soft way.

Every time I feel that the energy within me is fading a little, i realized over time that it was precisely the moments when i was less busy with creating.

KzRK: What encourages you to stay creative and keep on working, what provides you with energy?
JR: Every time I feel that the energy within me is fading a little, i realized over time that it was precisely the moments when i was less busy with creating. So it became very clear that it is like a virtuous circle, the act on working on paintings provides a nice energy that helps me want to create more, and has a direct influence to the way i see my ’normal‘ life around, staying creative makes my life a lot happier and better for myself and everybody around me.

KzRK: What are your goals?
JR: I often say, as a joke, that i want to die alive, it means that i want to use whatever time i have to make this world a better place for myself and everybody else, it can be through simple things or by organizing more complicated projects, the main thing being to always become a better version of ourselves, as a painter, as a friend, a parent and a human being.

KzRK: Which ideals do you admire/orientate yourself on?
JR: The ideals of kindness and optimism are very important to me, but many deep thinkers have influenced my ideas and work, they all encourage us to keep our quest active and alive. But as one of my main influencer, Carl Gustav Jung explained, it takes a whole life to become who we are , and a large part of this remains led by our subconscious.

…maybe it is not a good idea to take ourselves too seriously

KzRK: Tell us something about your life-philosophy and personal beliefs.
JR: Life should be enjoyable and happy, we should be kind to ourselves and try to be as good a person as we can. We are a community that includes not only the totality of humanity, but also the animal kingdom and all the living world. We have enormous power to make a difference in our lives and around us even if it can appear very small in regards to the universe. And also maybe it is not a good idea to take ourselves too seriously.

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
2018 – Magical Thinking in the Woods – Casco bay Artisans gallery, Portland, Maine, USA
2016 – Live Painting and Music – for the Amsterdam Lights Festival, Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Group Exhibitions
2019 – Un Mondo di colori – Lorena Larkina Art Studio, Venice, Italy
2019 – International Art Symposium at Atelier an der Donau, Ybbs an der Donau, Austria
2019 РLa Demi Lune Gallery, Meg̬ve, France
2019 – L-ATITUDE Summer Exhibition, El Soto, Marbella , Spain
2018 – Studio B Gallery, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, USA
2018 – Uncooked Culture Showcase, The Walmer Castle, London, UK
2018 – Art and Culture Centre – Chiagrai Rajabhat University, Chiangrai, Thailand
2018 – Biz’art Festival, Han sur hesse, Belgium
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